Where To Eat In Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne

If you’ve never visited Jesmond, you’re really missing out. This student suburb is one of the most popular areas in Newcastle. The streets are lined with chic bars and boutique shops, and it is home to one of the best green spaces in the city, Jesmond Dene. But the best thing about the area by far is the ample range of independent eateries. If you’re looking to support independent businesses and fill your belly too, read on to find the 5 best places to eat in Jesmond. 

Cafébar One

This crowd-pleasing café is one of my family’s absolute favourites. The extensive menu is full of tasty treats that are suitable for all dietary needs, including veggies, vegans and the gluten intolerant. There are so many mouth-watering options available that it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but particular highlights include the delicious deli sandwiches, incredibly filling burritos and the customizable breakfast sandwiches. For the health-conscious foodie, they also do a great collection of power bowls that are perfect for setting you up for the day ahead. 

The portions at Cafébar One are seriously big, so make sure to build up an appetite before you go! And if you’d like to walk off your filling meal, you’re in the perfect location to do just that. Jesmond Dene is only a 5 minute walk away from the café, so make sure to pay it a visit. 

Cafe 1901 

 If you’re looking for a huge range of tasty food right in the heart of Jesmond, then Café 1901 is the perfect place for you. I’m lucky enough to live just a few minutes walk from the café, and let me tell you, I’ve really made the most of it. Much like Cafébar One, the menu is extremely wide-ranging so you’re bound to find something that you’ll love. If you’re looking to set yourself up for the day, their vegetarian breakfast is one of the best I’ve ever had! It’s filling, it’s delicious, and the eggs are done to perfection — I don’t think this breakfast will ever be topped. But make sure to check out the lunch menu too, as it has some fantastic choices, ranging from smaller options like the soup of the day, to hearty meals like the fantastic selection of burgers. 

And of course, I couldn’t write about Cafe 1901 without giving mention to their amazing selection of hot and cold drinks. Their nutritious and delicious smoothie range is great, especially the hangover cure (I can confirm that it actually works!). And if you’re a veggie or vegan who’s been missing out on hot chocolates that come with all the works, your prayers have been answered — the deluxe hot chocolate can be made completely vegan! If that hasn’t persuaded you to pay it a visit, I don’t know what will. 

Fat Hippo 

In the 10 years that Fat Hippo has been around, it’s gone from strength to strength. What started off as a small local favourite has now become a thriving chain of burger restaurants with 6 venues already established and another on the way. Two of the venues are in the Newcastle area, but the success story began in Jesmond, the birthplace of Fat Hippo. The burgers at Fat Hippo are towering, decadent and absolutely delicious. The vegan burgers are so luxurious, and unlike any that I’ve ever had before. 

As someone who’s been vegetarian for 13 years, I remember when tomato pasta and margherita pizza were the only two things on the menu that I could eat. When I first saw the Fat Hippo menu, I felt completely spoilt for choice! A personal favourite is the Notorious VFC 2.0, which is made up of a plant-based patty, hash brown, vegan cheese and BBQ sauce. Although I’ve never eaten the meaty burgers myself, my partner can certainly vouch for them! He recommends trying out the Swiss Tony — a beef burger with swiss cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onion and truffle mayo. 


 I was never a big fan of Indian food — and then I visited Dabbawal. This restaurant makes your mouth water before you even taste the food — the gorgeous aroma fills the room, making the wait for your meal almost impossible. But when it arrives, it’s more than worth it. The menu offers a range of different portion sizes. As well as traditional main meals, there’s also a wide selection of small plates on offer. This is great if you’re visiting with people with vastly differing appetites, although even those who aren’t big foodies will find it impossible not to dig in! 

The highlight on the menu for me is the Kadhai Paneer, which is an Indian cheese in tomato sauce, with the perfect blend of spices to give it just the right amount of heat. If you find that indecision makes it impossible for you to choose the perfect meal, then this is the perfect place for you. Order the chef’s surprise menu to taste a range of their best offerings, including appetisers, street classics, grills, curries, sides and breads. 

Cake Stories 

The final eatery on this list is well-loved by all the residents in Jesmond — no, that is not an exaggeration. You have not truly had cake until you’ve sampled the delicacies that Cake Stories has to offer. They’re sweet, they’re gooey, they’re everything you could ever want from a dessert. If the staff went on the Great British Bake Off, Hollywood handshakes would be flying in left, right and centre. 

There are so many great cakes on display, it’s almost impossible to choose. If there’s no such thing as too much sugar for you, then the super gooey salted caramel brownie is an absolute must. But if I were pushed to choose an absolute favourite, it would have to be the chocolate Biscoff monster cake — a moist chocolate sponge filled with a thick layer of crunchy Biscoff spread. As well as being completely mouth-watering, it’s vegan too! And if your sweet tooth can handle any more sugar, make sure to check out their splendid selection of hot chocolates and lattes. If you can’t get enough of Biscoff (who can?), give the extra special Biscoff latte a taste. You’ll probably be bouncing off the walls afterwards, but you won’t regret it. 

Which one will you try out first? Let me know in the comments below!  

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