About Me

Hi! My name is Siobhan, and I’ve been bitten by the travel bug – hard. Ever since I started travelling in 2016, I’ve had a craving for more. Although I’m at the age where most people would tell me to start thinking about settling down, my itchy feet just won’t let me. Over the years I’ve been exploring rainforests, climbing volcanoes and making friends with elephants. But I’m not done yet. 

After three years of hard work, countless deadlines and enough caffeine to fill the Thames, I finally achieved an Undergraduate degree in Sociology in June. After a lot of saving throughout my time at University, I intended to spend a few months travelling with my partner to celebrate graduating. Unfortunately, COVID had other plans. 

Whilst the pandemic has put my globe-trotting adventures on hold, it’s only made my passion for travel stronger. I can’t wait to get back on the road and explore the world. But until then, I have plenty of travel tips, recommendations and experiences to share with you. And of course, travelling isn’t just about jetting off to far-flung destinations. I’m going to give you some tips on how to find the magic in your home town, as well as share the best bits of my city, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

I hope you enjoy the blog, and you find the information useful, or even inspiring! Travelling may not feel the same at the minute. The pandemic will disappear eventually, but your wanderlust won’t. Until then, stay curious and keep dreaming of your next big adventure. 

My Favourites

Favourite city abroad: This one has to be Amsterdam. Although it’s hardly a hidden gem, the electric atmosphere and the endless list of things to do just keeps me coming back for more. 

Favourite city in the UK: My home town – Newcastle upon Tyne! (Am I being biased? Maybe…)   

Favourite country: Nicaragua, for the amazing sandy beaches and the fascinating political history.

Best travel memory: Watching elephants in their natural habitat in Sri Lanka, it took my breath away. 

Best travel food: A marinara pizza from Italy. So simple but so good! 

Favourite travel season: Summer! There’s nothing better than cooling down on a roasting day with a cocktail on the beach. 

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