5 European Countries to Visit After Lockdown

How much of the day do you spend planning for post-pandemic life? If the answer is more than you’d like to admit, you’re not alone. It feels like I spend half the day daydreaming of the next time I can see loved ones in the flesh or go to the pub. Just being able toContinue reading “5 European Countries to Visit After Lockdown”

How to Explore the World from Your Sofa

Remember how we all clung to hopeful optimism last December? Christmas was around the corner, and so was the end of the disaster that was 2020. We had rung in the New Year tired, drained, but hopeful — or maybe desperate. Surely 2021 couldn’t be worse than 2020, surely things could only get better? Well,Continue reading “How to Explore the World from Your Sofa”

Pancakes of the World: The Best Countries to Visit to Satisfy Your Breakfast Craving

Pancake Day is always an important date in any foodie’s yearly calendar. But after the past year, everyone should be treating themselves by going all out to celebrate the world’s best breakfast food. There are many different ways you can make this pancake day one to remember. You could try breaking the record for theContinue reading “Pancakes of the World: The Best Countries to Visit to Satisfy Your Breakfast Craving”

The Top 5 Romantic European Cities for Valentine’s Day

I can’t think of any yearly celebration that’s quite as divisive as Valentine’s Day. Whilst some love all the romance and passion, others detest the day and see it as a marketing ploy to sell fancy chocolate and pricey roses. Personally, I can take it or leave it. I’m not a fan of the cringey,Continue reading “The Top 5 Romantic European Cities for Valentine’s Day”

Travel Tips That Women Need to Know

The world is a beautiful place. But it can be a scary one too. This isn’t news to anyone, but especially not to female travellers. Most female backpackers that I’ve spoken with, and pretty much every female travel blogger that I follow has had to face a dangerous situation on their travels. I cannot emphasizeContinue reading “Travel Tips That Women Need to Know”